Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why different age men appeal to different women

Age differences

I think that everything I say will be stereotyped, but it is a place to start the discussion. For this discussion I will use a woman at the age of 40. I know we can all expand on this, but it will do for now.

For women who seek older men, perhaps in their fifties or sixties, why do they do that? We can all assume love and happiness is the main ingredient, but let us just focus on other needs and motives for now. Perhaps it is security, maturity, or the ability to stop pushing a career--maybe even travel. Please add your thoughts.

Most women are more comfortable with men their own age. Perhaps this is shared goals and ambitions, or common interest. This one doe snot need a lot of discussion, but feel free to if you want.

Some women want younger men. There could be many reasons such as excitement, a recapture of a youth lost, someone that can keep up with an active woman, or the attraction of not having baggage of a previous relationship. Since I am writing a cougar series, I really want to hear form everyone what they think is the real motivation behind such.

This is not a place to offer judgment, but a place to discuss what it is that leads to the attraction for seeking a guy in a certain age group. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say.



  1. I've always thought that women often go for older men for father-figure security, including money. When guys go for older woman, it's - in my view - a totally different dynamic, and it's all about sex. There isn't the teeniest fraction of his body she doesn't know about. Older man + younger woman or Older woman + young man: who's getting the best sex? Again, in my opinion, the young guy.

  2. As a woman pushing 40, I often find myself involved with younger men (in their early twenties). For me personally, I seem to relate to them better and we have more things in common. I don't know if this is because I'm young at heart or just immature. *LOL* I don't know that I actively seek them out, but they sure find me. I think younger men often like the stability and maturity of older women. Not to mention sexually, they tend to believe we're more experienced, whether that's true or not.

    Don't get me wrong though, I do often find men older than me attractive--it seems all the male celebrities I find sexy are much older than me. I certainly wouldn't turn down a Silver Fox!

  3. The Older man younger woman. That is what me and my hub is. There is a 15 yr age difference between us. He is more mature and stable than many people I know. I love him dearly. The older man seems to know what he wants and has figured things out. To me an older man seems more the Alpha male thing going on.

  4. Thanks for the comments so far. I think this is an area I will enjoy exploring for a while. I have three more books in the COUGAR HUNTING SERIES. Yes, lucky me.