Q: Where do you find inspiration for your story lines?
A: I live on several of the best beaches in the world. All I have to do is walk outside and nature takes over. This is true both during the day when the sun worshipers are out and late night when the parties go into full party mode.

Q: Are you on the internet much and participate in social media outlets? 
A: Oh, yes.  On twitter and facebook

Q: I heard you love to dance. Can you tell me more?
A: I have been dancing Latin and ballroom since the age of six. I love competing and dancing any chance I get. The best salsa clubs are in NYC, Washington D.C., Moscow, Russia and St. Petersburg, Russia.  However, the ones in South Beach are not bad and have a great party atmosphere.

Q: Tell me about your writing day?
A: I am so accustomed to living on an international clock that I work whenever. It could be at eight in the morning if I’m lucky, but usually happens at two or four in the morning. I normally write ten or twelve hour per days.

Q: How long does it take you to write a novel?
A:  “I write very fast and can do a 20,000 word novella in a week, a short novel in two or three weeks, and a full length one of over 100,000 words in one to two months. I’m just starting with Siren and look to produce many novels in a short period of time which I hope the readers enjoy enough to keep reading them.

Q: What is your background story?
A: I was a professional student and have many degrees from one coast to the other and from north to south. I’ve worked in such diverse occupations from fashion photography to real estate sales. I’ve been blessed to travel widely and have made many friends around the world. Most importantly, I have found my true calling in writing.