Friday, December 9, 2011


I love Friday, like many people since it is a fun filled day with expectations of a great weekend. It is also the day I welcome all book reviewers to this site.

Book reviewers from around the world get to tell what they reviewed last week and are currently reading and hope to review the next week. They also get to say what they like to review and if they are open to reviewing new works. Most reviewers will have review guidelines on their site where they are welcome to give links to.

Remember this is a labor of love for these book reviewers and all readers and writers owe them a lot of thanks for this hard work.

So let us open it up to the reviewers and see what they have available for us today. We all need some good recommendations for the holiday season where many of us have more time to read.

Beth Gray


  1. Here is one review that is extremely good and detailed. Check it out.

  2. my blog is always busy. I'm reading 4 books now. Author Sherry Roberts 'Maud's House', 'Peat smoke and Prim Roses' 'moondreams' by Dean Johnson, 'book of mercy' by Sherry Roberts.

  3. Melanie, thank you for sharing. I know you love books.


    I have a review on my blog today for A Vampire for Christmas by authors Alexis Morgan, Michele Hauf, Caridad Pineiro and Laurie London. There are several others there if you would like to check them out. If you've read them i'd love to hear your thoughts too.

    I am currently working on two other Christmas anthologies, A Small Town Christmas that features Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor novella and All She wants for Christmas featuring several authors as well in cluding Jaci Burton. Those will be reviewed next week. Be sure to follow if you like what you see.

    Thanks Beth!

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