Taking on the forces of Mother Nature for some thrill seekers is a simple task. However, when simultaneously engaging the power of Cupid, relationships become complicated. For while the fury of Mother Nature can be embraced to a point where mere survival is questionable, Cupid, on the other hand, never accepts defeat.

A reporter and a camera woman, who were ex-lovers, get caught up in a chase to document the world’s best kiteboarders. These guys dominate the high winds generated by a hurricane passing by the southern tip of the Florida Keys. While most people flee Key West, this select group of thrill seekers relishes the adventure of a lifetime. When the hurricane takes a dangerous turn and surprises everyone on their way back to Miami, there is nowhere to hide. They can only draw on their inner courage, and each other, which quickly reunites a lost passion in the process.



After Kyle Farrell, a Texas bull-riding champion turned racing pilot, crashes his Grand Prix racing plane designed by Abbie Portland, his life falls apart. However, when Abbie returns to his life with encouragement and support, he considers climbing back into a modified version of her new prototype in order to save her reputation and regain his own self-esteem.

Reforming their business partnership was one thing—bonding their romantic relationship, another. Kyle has developed nightmares of crashing, and the only thing to calm him is sex at night—something Abbie has no problems with since she has a massive interest in proving her design works. And who was she to turn down sex with one of the hottest rodeo stars in America? Their reputations can only be saved by Kyle entering the next race and winning with her new modified racing plane.


When Brenda Denton’s boss J. L. Brighton, an Atlanta land developer who disappears while flying his small plane on a business trip, her world is torn apart. She has been secretly in love with J. L. for years. It is her hidden love that drives the rescue efforts in the hope to find him alive before an assassin finishes the job and denies her the chance to confess her love.
The personal, romantic and business lives of J. L.’s three closest friends, a real estate agent, a stock broker and an insurance agent collide as they join rescue efforts to find their friend. While they all are experts in their professional fields, their private lives hold deep secrets.
As the sexual tensions escalate and new love interests are formed, nerves are stretched and hearts are opened. This story of a triple romance creates unusual sexual triangles that evolve and intensify.



 Adam Browers and his fiancĂ©e, Bali Summers vacation in South Beach, Florida to enjoy the life of paradise and endless sex until early the next morning when Adam walks alone. He sees Casey Sands sunbathing, topless where their flirting turns into a quickie. He didn’t plan it, it just happened. 

Returning, Adam decides to confess and they fight some, but decide to work it out. Bali soon goes to the beach alone and locates Casey. When Adam later sees the two girls talking he is relieved to see that everything is cool. Their drinking leads to several days of three-way sex.


 COUGAR HUNTING is a sexy contemporary romance set in Atlanta, Georgia and South Beach, Florida.  When Terri Eisenman, a successful thirty-nine year old widow first spots Chad Edwards during one of her nights out with her pack of cougar friends, she crumbles to her desires to have him.  However Chad, a young and successful business man in his own right presents much more of a challenge than she assumes. His group of friends also hunts for and plays with older woman.
Complications ensue when Terri and Chad find themselves in a business relationship. Both share one belief: business and personal relationships don’t mixed.  Controlling a boiling passion and coping with fears of commitment mounts as they work for a solution. The only way to save both their business and personal lives rest is admitting their unique qualities which complement each, and form a new partnership.

 The Case of Insuring Seduction is the first Kindle in the Stacy McCray Series. The Stacy McCray series is based on the life of a red headed divorce lawyer that chases the single bar scenes in the trendy Atlanta nightlife looking for new divorce case clients.  These Kindle novellas and short novels are about divorce cases Stacy is involved in, much like a Perry Mason series, but with an open view of the erotic nature involved in a divorce situation. The stories written in first person and told by Stacy include a delicate balance of humor, seriousness and strong sexual tension.

In The Case of Insuring Seduction an executive with an insurance company is seduced by the very agent he hired and trained the fine art of flirting. He never expected she would use this skill in blackmailing him and other executives at the insurance company. Stacy had no idea who her father is also when she agreed to this case. Now, she has to uses her skills a lawyer to save everyone involved quietly.
Are you ready for a look at the Atlanta nightlife through the eyes of a red headed divorce lawyer?

Brandon Walker and Emily Collins, two aspiring authors hope to become better romance writers by overcoming their main problem—they’re both still virgins in their late twenties with no personal knowledge of the subject they wish to write. After receiving rejections from the same agent at a conference in New York City they meet at a bar and drink several double scotches before agreeing to the outlandish proposal of going to a beach house in Clearwater, Florida and field testing the Kama Sutra for a week.

After arriving at the beach house they experience the comical interruptions of a major sunburn, food poisoning from raw oysters, an unexpected visit from Emily’s parents, mosquito bites, etc. But it is when Brandon’s ex-girlfriend shows and becomes an intimate part of their life that they finally have time to concentrate on what has evaded them all week—learning the karma sutra.