Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It is reader shout out day

Today is the day for all readers to tell what they are reading. If you can give us a link to where we can buy it, etc, it would also be great. If not, give us the full title and author so we can find it.

If you have a favorite author you are following, also tell us. This is the day to tell the publishing world, and authors what you like and don't like.

Another point of discussion today can be on pricing. How much are you willing to pay for a book? What much effect does the price have on your decision to buy? Price points appear to be .99, $2.99, and $5.99 And, of course, the major authors can get $9.99

Please also check the previous post of authors who have new novels released.

Thank you for participating today in the discussion.

Beth Gray


  1. I just finished Danger in Deer Ridge by Terry Odell. She writes really good romantic suspense with characters you can really care about.

  2. Since I am also a reader, I look for books well written, and to me that means being written by some one who knows the topic and the landscape very well. I'm willing to pay the price it requires to get the book I want. I don't look for cheap books. Not that there is bad books there, but because I look for reviews and recommendations first.

  3. Re-reading Go Down, Moses by the immortal Mr. Faulkner. I do believe you all know how to find it.

  4. Thanks, Maryann, Terry is a good writer.

  5. Some of my favorite authors include Douglas Kennedy, Maya Angelou, Amanda Kyle Williams and Daniel Palmer. (Interviewed the latter three--posted on my blog--fun!)

    For a great book, I'll pay most any affordable price... Hard copies over $20 take a bit more consideration, I suppose... as do e-books over $10. And when I love a book, I often purchase both versions as well as copies to share.

  6. augustmclaughlin , you are the type reader that all writers love, so from all of us--thank you.