Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Welcome my friends to the first ever reader shout out day. While I am excited about the release of my book THE BESTIE BETWEEN LOVERS today I want to talk about what I am reading today and to hear about what you are reading. Please let me and others know what you are reading and why you like it.

Please follow the rules posted on the shout out pull down which basically state that you can give a shout out regarding a book you are reading or are planning to start reading this week. If you have purchased it already--the better.

As an example, I am currently reading ADRENALINE by Jeff Abbott. The book can be purchased and more info can be obtained at this is the first in his series staring ex-CIA agent Sam Capra and is published by Grand Central. Another place to find out more about the storyline is from his site

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  1. I know Regina Jeffers wanted this posted to reader's shout out instead of Author's shout out, so I moved it for her. And it is good to know others have several books going at one time. Thank you Regina for sharing.

    Regina Jeffers said...

    I am rereading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South; Sara Bennett's Kissing the Bride; and Mary Balogh's The Famous Heroine. I am also proofing my next release "The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy."