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click here for purchase information I think you will enjoy this very sexy beach read. After all, South Beach is the land of fantastic eye candy and beautiful people.

Adam Browers and his fiancée, Bali Summers, vacation in South Beach, Florida, where they enjoy paradise and endless sex. But early the next morning, Adam takes a walk alone. He finds Casey Sands sunbathing topless, and their flirting turns into a quickie. He didn’t plan it. It just happened.

Returning, Adam decides to confess, but he and Bali decide to work it out. She soon goes to the beach alone and finds Casey. When Adam sees the two girls talking, he is relieved. Soon, they're enjoying several days of three-way sex.

When Adam plans a day cruise, Bali turns him down, wanting to do something with Casey instead. The thought of losing his fiancée scares Adam. He has to find a way to secure his future with Bali without hurting Casey.

I thought you might like a short excerpt made of the general audience. This was a challenge since this is a very sexy read. But, I think you might like this part where they first arrive in South Beach

Bali ran to Adam to give him a faked spanking. “You don’t really want me to give you a smashing, do you?”

“Okay—Sorry.” She felt his powerful arms wrap her in the protective mannerism he had demonstrated since the day they met. While being controlled by her to some extent, she understood he also enjoyed his freedom at times.

“You know two can play at this game.” She nodded at two guys on the beach who wore European-style swim trunks. While she thought they must be gay and no fun for her, she studied the effects of years of bodybuilding, the eye candy, so to speak, of what she looked forward to seeing.

Since he offered a shitty face of distrust, she smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Okay, don’t worry. We’re here to have some fun—right?”

Holding hands like lovers on a first date, they strolled along the shoreline, exploring the northern part of the beach. Groups of different nationalities clustered together. Some played various beach games to occupy the time, flashing the latest colored awareness bracelets supporting their latest eco-chic diversion. The scene constantly changed, inviting new experiences every few minutes.

Passing one large umbrella and several small cabana style tents, she noticed the first topless girls on the beach. At first she couldn’t believe it, but she had heard nudity was allowed in moderation. What moderation? These girls pranced in front of them offering the whole damn beach a direct view at their rather large breasts.

Bali turned to see Adam’s reaction. She knew his focus had locked in on the attraction. His face looked almost comical as he appeared to hide in a sheepish smile. But could she really blame him? She increased the pace, pulling him with her. Still, she glanced out of the corner of her eye at the girls. Were they simply friends, or were they lovers? A strange tingling sensation ravaged her body. Would she ever experience such a relationship with another woman?

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