Monday, March 5, 2012


Today is release day
More information is on the Siren Site at

I hope you are excited as I am. This is a fantastic story that I think everyone will enjoy who loves having an adrenalin rush mixed with a beautiful, but very hot love story.

There are free excerpts on the Siren Publishing site and I hope you all take a look at them.

Taking on the forces of Mother Nature for some thrill seekers is a simple task. However, when simultaneously engaging the power of Cupid, relationships become complicated. For while the fury of Mother Nature can be embraced to a point where mere survival is questionable, Cupid, on the other hand, never accepts defeat.

A reporter and a camera woman, who were ex-lovers, get caught up in a chase to document the world’s best kiteboarders. These guys dominate the high winds generated by a hurricane passing by the southern tip of the Florida Keys. While most people flee Key West, this select group of thrill seekers relishes the adventure of a lifetime. When the hurricane takes a dangerous turn and surprises everyone on their way back to Miami, there is nowhere to hide. They can only draw on their inner courage, and each other, which quickly reunites a lost passion in the process.

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  1. Good luck Beth, and what a lovely cover xxx

    1. Thank you Katsura. I think this is Siren's best cover for me and tells the story well

  2. I have edited award winning adult fiction. Your romance book sounds interesting. Would you consider Liking me on Facebook? I will Like your site back if requested. I have two sites, one at Ghost Writer, Inc. and the other at Rainbow Writing, Inc. You can simply type them one at a time into the FB Search bar. Thank you!