Friday, February 24, 2012


I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm sorry for being behind but I want to make every Friday a special day for book reviewers to tell us what they are reviewing and give us a link to where we can read the full review.

If the reviewer wants to tell what they are interested in reviewing or what they plan to review, that is fine also.

If you are part of a book blog hop of any sort, give us information also.

This is all about giving thanks to book reviewers that alert us to some great books.

Please spread the word today.


Beth Gray


  1. Hi, Beth
    I'm not an established reviewer (or author, for that matter) yet, but am working towards it. I have a few reviews on my blog - feel free to have a peek, if you like,
    I am currently reading a book by Lisa Jewell, which I am enjoying surprisingly much, considering I didn't think it would be my genre at all. Contact me via twitter , fb or just click on my Contact me button on my homepage.

  2. Like Ella, I am not a reviewer or an author. I am currently reading all of Stephen King's books in chronological order and writing about the experience. Most recently, I finished Night Shift ( In the coming week, I plan to finish the abridged version of The Stand.
    My blog is,

  3. Ella and Rose, those are the best kind of reviews. The ones that are from true readers means a lot to other readers and to the writers. Thank you for sharing very much.