Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have another novel coming out soon. It is scheduled to be released on November the 9th, but should be available for pre-order soon. I will let everyone know when.

I have been doing some work to my site, adding some pages, and preparing it for a more active role. What I am thinking of doing is having different days for people to do shout outs. On Mondays, for example, any author can come and shout out their book that came out the last week, or is coming out this week. I have to have some rules on size, etc. but will keep it open to help my fellow writers.

If this goes well, then we will open it to an editor day, an agent day, a readers day, etc.

I really want everyone's opinion on this. So, please leave a comment.

Now, back to my release. I have a cover. It is smoking, as most of them are. My cover designer is fantastic.


  1. Hi Beth.

    I've just discovered your website and I love it! Your book covers are amazing. I write chick-lit novels and will release my second book, Unfaithfully Yours, in early November. I like your idea for shout outs.


  2. Congrats, Beth :) The cover IS smokin' hot, as all your covers are !!

    Love how fast you can write ;) And I haz a little envy too..My best is a a novella (15K) in 2 months ;) I seem like a tortoise in comparison ;) But well... :)

    And your website is looking great! So are your upcoming plans for it...Wishing you the best..

    That I'm commenting here means the link worked (After a long click like you suggested)!

  3. Your site looks great looking forward to reading your books.colleen hruska